We help you sleep when you can’t, lighten up when you’re stressed, and party like you mean it.

Baker’s is there for you when you are ready to hit the beach, binge Netflix, or game until 3 A.M.

We promise to appreciate your cannabis routine by keeping prices low, quality high, and ingredients honest.

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With a 1/2 ounce of our pre-ground cannabis, 40 rolling papers, and crutches, our pouches make it easy to roll your own no matter where you are.

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Our 1g pre-rolls, filled with the most popular strains on the market, are available in individually wrapped singles and a conveniently packaged 5-pack.

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Coated with terpene infused distillate and THC-rich kief, our infused pre-rolls are available in 1g singles or a .8g 3-pack with a total of 2.4g.

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